hi 👋🏻 

my name is andy. 

i'm a software developer 👨🏻‍💻 

@ shopify 

living in boston 🌃 

stuff i've done  

merchant analytics @ shopify

I joined the merchant analytics team at Shopify as an intern in May 2016. After a few months as a part-time employee while I finished my degree at Brigham Young University, I joined the team full-time in January, 2017.

Shortly after I joined, we began rewriting our product with React, culminating in a string of releases in Summer 2017. One project I had the pleasure of working on was the Merchant Overview Dashboard which gave powerful analytical tools to all merchants who use Shopify including information about sales and traffic with the ability to compare across time periods to monitor a shop's performance.

OCD Understood

While studying at Brigham Young University in early 2016, I was approached by Brooke Alius, a senior in the Graphic Design program. For her final project, she wanted to build an interactive exhibit that would help visitors understand Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

With her designs, and help from my good friend Dan Morain, I built an iPad game that served both to catch the interest of those visiting the exhibit and to educate about what is is like to suffer from OCD and how its symptoms can be managed.

Following the success of the exhibit while on display at BYU, Brooke was asked to present at the IOCDF's 24th annual OCD Conference in July, 2017. I rebuilt the app to prepare for a general release and it is now available on all iOS devices via the Apple App Store.

Public Press

In November 2015 I started Public Press along with my friend Hannah and my wife Haylee. Inspired by the idea of displaying our favorite books more prominently in our homes, we began printing posters that display the full text of classic books, all on one page.

As demand for our product grew, we purchased a printer capable of printing very fine text and opened an online store through which we could accept orders. We continue to use Shopify to sell our prints. Our products are also carried at two locations in Utah and are available through various other online outlets.

If you are interested in keeping up with what Public Press is doing, you can follow us on Instagram.

everything else

I have lots of other projects that don't deserve their own section but are still fun to talk about, from Telescope 🔭 (a Snapchat Spectacles notifier) to an interactive fine arts project built with Katrina Ricks, I am always looking for fun new things to do. You can follow me on GitHub to see what I've been up to.

In my spare time, I dream about starting my own clothing line, running a presidential campaign for pizza, or opening mochi ice cream vending machines. I am a very amateur drone videographer and post videos from time to time on my youtube channel.

Most of all, I like eating 🌯too🍔much🍕food🍣 and watching Gilmore Girls with my wife.